Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine

When a patient comes to us in the grips of addiction (opiates, alcohol cocaine, gambling, etc), feeling “normal” or “good” seems impossible. But with the right combination of medication and therapy, it’s not only possible – it’s probable.

Addiction is a real and treatable disease. Science has advanced our understanding to a point that geneticists have actually isolated genes that make people most susceptible to addiction. Yet our society perceives recovery as an issue of willpower. Imagine if we treated other diseases this way—instead of prescribing a patient with diabetes insulin, we’d tell him to have more self-control? You don’t have to be a trained physician to truly understand: This isn’t how science works.

  • Specialized in the comprehensive treatment of all addiction & mental health conditions
    (ie opiates, heroin, meth, benzos, alcohol etc)
  • Tired of your depression, anxiety, bipolar ADHD etc? (ie tired of the diseases that may have caused your addiction in the first place?)
  • Need a physician capable of treating pediatrics and adolescents competently and with caution, only using medications when absolutely necessary?
  • Need a doctor who will listen and not just write pills?
  • Tired of feeling sick from withdrawals all the time?
  • Do you want your old life back?
  • Imagine feeling free from the bonds of addiction or depression.
  • Uniquie tailored one-on-one treatment plans
  • Collaborative work with your psychologist and PCP in complete privacy.
  • We are committed to working with you to get relief from your depression, anxiety, bipolar, addictions or alcohol use
  • Our goal is to sit and listen carefully and then create a customized treatment path that is unique to you and includes your input!
  • We use careful and conscientious medication management only when needed. We avoid the “lets just throw pills at patients” approach. It never works anyways!
  • We provide you with 24/7/365 direct access for all emergencies as well as texting and telemedicine

“I’m tired of feeling sick.”

The withdrawals you experience as an addict impact every aspect of your life. Most people addicted to heroin or opiates (prescription painkillers like oxycodone or hydrocodone) enjoy a “high” with each fix – at first. Soon enough, they’re chasing the next fix to avoid the inevitable lows. What used to make you feel good quickly becomes what you need to feel somewhat normal. Meanwhile, the lows keep getting lower.

Medications, such as Suboxone®, stop your withdrawal symptoms and your cravings. The part of your brain that reacts (giving you the “high”) is literally blocked. When you take Suboxone while being closely monitored by a doctor specializing in addiction, you don’t experience euphoria. Quite simply, you feel normal.

“I’m tired of feeling empty.”

Prescription medications like Suboxone can take you a long away in battling your physical addiction. But your chances of success increase substantially when you work with a doctor who can help you address the emotional and behavioral aspects of your addiction. We’ve worked with hundreds of patients who have gotten their lives back.

If you’re ready to stop feeling judged, stop feeling disconnected, and stop feeling physically ill, we’re ready to help. We can’t promise you that it’ll be easy. But we will help you get through the withdrawal stage and help you succeed. And we can promise you that we’re available to our addiction patients 24/7, 365 days a year. We are ready whenever you are.

“I’m not sure if Suboxone is right for me.”

That’s understandable. Trading one pill for another can seem counterintuitive. We encourage you to come in and talk with us about your concerns.

Many of our patients are encouraged by our practice’s use of precision medicine, also known as pharmacogenomics or genomics. Basically, using simple blood tests, we’ll examine how your own genetic makeup might influence your body’s response to certain drugs. Although it’s still a relatively new approach to medicine, we believe it’s advanced enough to be better than the more commonly used approach of the “educated” guess. It combines what science knows about drugs with genomics, the science of genes and gene function. It can help us predict the effectiveness of certain drugs given your particular genetic makeup.

“I’m worried my (partner, children, employer, parents) might find out.”

Your confidentiality is paramount to us. No one ever needs to know that you came to our office. You have complete confidentiality and there is no minimum age for full confidentiality. We do not need parental consent to treat your addiction. The law states that minors may be treated and confidentiality may be kept between you and your doctor.

Our office is a judgment free zone. We believe that no matter how many times our patients may falter, we will be there to help. Our patients find our office to be professional, nondescript, and judgment free. We do accept most major insurances, but we can also work without insurance if you have privacy concerns.

“I’m ready now. But I’m afraid if I wait any longer, I’ll change my mind.”

This is exactly why we’re often able to accommodate same day appointments.

You can recover from heroin, opiates, methamphetamine, or alcohol. Call 303-792-3333 today.

“I’d like to learn more about Suboxone.”

Great. Check out our FAQs about treating addiction with Suboxone.


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