Construction Workers At Highest Risk Of Opioid Related Deaths

Newsflash for all of you guys out there working in the construction industry. It looks like you guys working in the construction occupations have the highest rates of death from Prescription painkillers and heroin.

Interestingly, healthcare workers are at the highest rate of overdoses for methadone, natural and semi synthetic opioids other than methadone. We really do not know why this is but it is definitely concerning. Might possibly be because of the increased pain and injuries that construction workers suffer that might predispose them to seeking more opioids for pain relief.

Maybe it is a combination of exhaustion and dehydration and use of other sleeping medications to help out when the body is stressed after a long day of work? No one really knows If you are working in the construction arena just be aware of this and be a little more careful. Again, we try to tailor treatment to every single person individually. Everyone is different and everyone requires different kinds of treatment.

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”