FDA WARNS That People Are Using Their Pets Opioids

GEEZ… where does this end??? The situation is so dire that our patients are now having to take their cats pain killers. HEY here’s the legitimate part and the problem. We HAVE legitimate pain needs in both animals and humans right? Problem is that when desperate, humans will do whatever it takes to take care of the addiction. That’s the nature of addiction. Remember: all addictions are the same basically- different outcomes but essentially the same brain wiring!. Gambling=loss of money, Internet porn= loss of marriage, food= loss of health, opioids= loss of life. Pick your flavor but they all aren’t good. OK we might argue that loss of life is kind of at the top right?

So, how do we get legitimate pain control done in humans and animals and legitimate addiction treatment done at the same time?? We MUST encourage all of you with legitimate needs and diseases like addiction to come forward to physicians like myself with full confidence that we will treat BOTH of these problems with compassion and proper care. Addiction patients STILL get pain management if they need it and Pain management patient STILL get addiction treatment if they need it (regardless of the flavor of addiction)

In SHORT: GET IN AND GET THE PROPER CARE !!!… Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it??? Why is it not happening? I dont really have the answer but after doing this for 15 years I have a sneaky suspicion: ITs because you guys are worried about the shame, the guilt and probably the endless amount of poor treatment you have received from other medical providers (ER, physician offices, pharmacies, mothers, fathers, in laws friends, employers etc etc etc)… im probably right- Ive been around this block with thousands of you.

One of my PROMISES to you: I will always treat you with compassion and got to town fighting for your right to be treated with respect and proper care. I’ve been well known to chew out anyone who stands in that path: pharmacists, ERs, other physicians etc. I’ve even had the privilege of working with the Attorney General’s Office evaluating proper medical care of our pain patients and our addiction patients. Again, there is only one way to treat these disorders- THE CORRECT WAY!. THAT simple !!!

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”