Fentanyl Guys

Hey everyone. So looks like fentanyl is now making it to our own beautiful state of Colorado. I have just seen it in my clinic a few times. Keep in mind that the stuff is mixed in with everything else that is used in so you will never be able to sort it apart. No drug dealer will ever tell you exactly what is in the stuff they give you. It seems that every single patient is terribly shocked and surprised when I tell them what I actually find in their urine. They all swear it is only heroin or only Oxy when in fact it turns out to be 10 other chemicals including things like fentanyl. The more these things you mix the more likely you are going to die.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and go to the nearest grocery store and buy over-the-counter Narcan rescue OK? If you have old rescue kits lying around keep them even if they have expired. Half dead is still better than totally dead. Get the courage to come in for conversation. We are always happy to talk about the options. Talking to us in the office does not commit you to having to take medication or stop using opioids. It simply an opportunity for you to get a deeper understanding of what your options are. We always respect the person’s choice whichever that may be.

Stay alive

Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM “the addiction doc”