How Many Of You Suffer From Depression? Anxiety? Bipolar?

Synergy Synergy Synergy…How Many Of You Suffer From Depression? Anxiety? Bipolar?

I bet it’s a lot. With all of the stress it’s so common to have this kind of stuff these days. We are all over worked and over stressed. We have demanding jobs and neglected relationships. It’s no wonder we are suffering from this stuff.

How many times do I hear patients say:

“Oh I’m not sure I want to use meds…” or “ oh i don’t really have time to do therapy” or “oh when i get this project done then ill get better sleep”. SYNERGY is the name of the game here folks. We use differing treatment forms that play well together and that complement each other. Meds might complement other meds. Meds might complement therapy. Therapy might complement sleep, exercise diet etc etc. Your jobs are the same as mine. If you are a plumber you’ll walk in with 30 tools in your bag, if you are an IT engineer you use at least 30 tools every day, if you are a dentist… man you get to use like 200 tools a day. All those tools complement each other and they all have to be done in the right ratio right?

SO… why is that you all come to me saying stuff like…

“Yeah i get to use 30 tools in my work . You know there’s only one way to do a job right and thats with the right tools at the right time…. hey don’t worry about how many tools im going to use in your mouth, just trust me that I know which ones go well together..” but then when you come to me for treatment of depression or anxiety you say stuff like…”yeah but im not interested in using more than one tool… I’m really not for meds… not for therapy… etc etc etc… im here for help but really just want you to use ONE tool… preferably not meds”… Why do you get 30 tools to do your job and I’m supposed to get mine done with one??? Hey i can do all my home plumbing with one wrench… pretty sure… pretty sure I can use a single tool called duct tape to fix everything… Hey maybe we’ll make a gourmet meal with ONE spice??? Which do you want ? Salt or cayenne pepper??? Cause you cant have both…

See what I’m getting at here?? Build trust with whomever you have hired to help you fix your leak or fix your teeth or fix your anxiety and then allow me to do my job which is to properly explain what each type of tool does and then you can choose ok? Hey, even the dentist doesn’t give you that option. He just goes for it… Allow me to sit and explain to you why sometimes we cook with both oregano AND basil AND salt AND etc etc. Just because you have had a bad experience cooking with oregano in the past doesn’t automatically mean oregano is a bad spice… maybe the recipe is what sucks… maybe the chef sucks… just saying maybe its not the meds or the therapy…

Stay alive Andreas
“the addiction doc”