Is Mental Health Really Causing This Violence???

So real interesting question since the NRA and the president is blaming mental health on all of this school violence.
“Its mental health, thats what it really is.. Bad bad mental health”

So lets look at this claim.

1. The mental health issues that contain violence within them (specifically) are things like untreated schizophrenia and those conditions are rare- like 1% (ONE !!!). Of those one percent the school shooters over the past years were NONE.

2. Rates of garden variety depression and anxiety are around 18% BUT this stuff doesn’t lead to things like violence.

3. SO, what causes the violence? Its being exposed and growing UP with violence… Why does this sound so surprising?? When someone beats their spouse we all know its because they grew up with a beater as a father right? We don’t say “oh he beats his wife because he’s got garden variety depression”.

4. Don’t get me wrong, mental health is a serious disorder that needs proper care but lets not lop all the violence into their shoes. We all have brothers and sisters that have depression and anxiety and we know they aren’t going to go out and shoot up a school !!!

5. Why is Trump blaming all of this violence on mental health then? Really doesn’t matter as he’s not an authority on anything. Leave the treatment to those of us who are actually trained.