Lack Of Suboxone Access Makes Patients Go To The Streets To Obtain Suboxone….

WOW…. they came up with that all on their own???? That was an article in “the” Our legislation is so far behind the 8-ball that they dont see the writing right in front of their noses!.

Patients who initially got pain meds from their doctors, then realized that they helped with other stuff (like depression) then got more and more from their doctors were already “seeking” something to help themselves. The fact that WE as doctors ignored them and gave them the wrong stuff (more oxy instead of Prozac) is another sad story. So, FINALLY the “stuck in the mud” government officials finally realized that when patients used oxy, heroin, Xanax to “self medicate” their problems that these same patients would be smart enough to realize that their initial choice was wrong and that Suboxone might actually be a useful tool to get free from the bonds they are in. Why is it that I’ve been saying forever that “Suboxone diversion” is nothing more than desperate patients trying to seek help and its taken THIS long for them to realize that these “diverting” patients aren’t trying to get hi on Suboxone (heroin is WAY cheaper).

They are trying to use Suboxone to get RID of the heroin!!. I feel like Ive been beating my head against the wall for years trying to explain this to officials (DEA, medical board, Attorney Generals office). I work for all of these folks and still trying to explain this is like a new thing to them.

What’s the solution?? Ill preach till im blue in the face…. TEACH addiction, TREAT addiction, RESPECT addiction JUST like we do any other disease. Addiction=diabetes=hi blood pressure=hi cholesterol=low thyroid=hang nail…. we should learn to treat them all alike right?

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”