Naltrexone/ Naloxone/ Vivitrol… What’s The Difference Anyways

NALOXONE is the injection (IV/IM) drug we use to pull people out of overdoses. You can now buy these over the counter at most pharmacies. (they even had intranasal version). All ambulances and most police carry one. All patients on pain killers and especially if they have pain killers mixed with benzos like xanax are advised to have one ON them at all times and to make sure your spouse/partner/family knows how to use it on you.

NALTREXONE is the oral pill version (it IS a different chemical from naloxone even tho it sounds the same). this is the pill that can help block opioid pain killers and can also help reduce many folks’ alcohol cravings too. Its an excellent medication that can really help. For patients on pain killers this med will block the opioid receptors and help reduce cravings. On its own can help with patients who are just using low doses. If you are on hi doses of pain killers or heroin this wont be enough. its not strong enough to start with. Can use this down the road after using suboxone but not right from the start.

THE only thing that’s important is to CALL US and just get in to have a chat. NO obligations !!! SO many patients think that just because they come in to have an educated discussion about addiction, alcohol or any other mental health problem that they have to actually take a medication or do something. you TOTALLY don’t…

I am more than happy to just run by you the options that you have at your disposal. Most folks are smart enough that they can make educated decisions about their healthcare. MY job is to help YOU make that decision and support whichever decision YOU make.