Remember how the epipen increased their price to such a crazy hi level that no one could afford it? Well one of the companies that creates naloxone called EVZIO is now doing the same thing. They just jacked the price up to 4000 bucks for one unit. Do not get me wrong your life is worth $4000 but remember that every pharmacy is now mandated providing Narcan over the counter to any patient that asks. You can get the injection vial with the needle which is simple or some pharmacies even have the nose spray version which is convenient too. The only difference with the new fancy EVZIO is that the device would actually talk to you while
you do the injection. In my opinion this is not rocket science and everyone really knows how to draw medication and inject it.

Does not even matter if it goes under the skin and muscle just get it in. The only thing that is really important is you have it? Do your friends and loved ones that live with you know how to use it on you? You have one that you can use on anyone else?

Also remember never to throw any of them away even if they are expired. Always try to get new ones do not throw old ones away. Even if it is only half good – half dead is still better than totally dead.

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”