New Fentanyl Medication On The Market Really

WOW, just before I thought the pharmaceuticals couldn’t get dumber, they leave me dumbfounded! NOW they approved another short acting (short is the worst when it comes to narcotics) fentanyl for anesthesia. In fact, there is a great article in NCBI that just looked at all of the fentanyl types. Really the ONLY place we should be using fentanyl is in the operating room by anesthesiologists. They even looked at and compared the different fentanyl types from the anesthesia standpoint and even concluded that there was NO difference in them. But now we have yet another fentanyl out there to contend with. Was that really necessary?

Don’t the pharmaceutical companies have other ways to make money? Maybe by focusing on pain meds that are NOT opiates? Why can’t they work on that? Isn’t there a ton of money to be made helping those that actually need true pain management without opiates?

There are lots of non-opiates out there that they could be working on or they might consider coming up with some new ones… either way, we dont need to reinvent the same old opiate wheel (for the umpteenth time) right???

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”