Rapid Detox’s Don’t Work Stop It

Hey everyone, Hey this keeps coming up… “I just want to do a rapid

suboxone detox”. Guys, i get it, we live in a world of instant gratification right? My obese patients just want the quick weight loss thing and THEEEEN they’ll be cool. My diabetics just want to go thru a quick sugar detox and eat massive “clean” and THEEEEN all will be fine… etc etc etc… Why are we all in such severe denial?? About what? Well about the fact that MOST (99.99%) of diseases are permanent and chronic and we cannot (read “canNOT”) cure them guys.

AND furthermore, we make progress and undertake treatment the correct way each time all the time and no there aren’t exceptions ever. Geez what a surprise right? The next time you guys want to get your cast pulled off 3 weeks early or the next time you want to just do ¼ of your antibiotic treatment of the next time I want the electrician to just cut corners and do it quicker” ask yourself the following question: “IS THIS REALLY THE WISE WAY TO DO THIS REALLY???, IS THIS SMART REALLY?? AM I RISKING A LOT JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE CUTTING CORNERS?”. What kind of jobs do

you guys do? If i come in to your shop asking to cut corners just because “I want the project done faster” what would you tell me? Really think about it. You would tell me exactly the same thing i’m telling you. STOP believing the fake claims out there that you can rapid detox. Bones done heal quicker just because you have stronger will power either. Start learning that broken bones, diabetes and addiction/depression are NOTHING to do with will power ok? They are hard core hard wired diseases and we treat them all the same. Dont get me wrong I can make a whole practice on rapid detoxers relapsing over and over but thats not my goal in life. There are plenty out there. I need to be proud of my patients and the hard work that we do. Its like a tile specialist showing off his work!.

Stay alive Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”