Spice Or Death…????

Are you sure you actually know what’s in the stuff you are smoking? Keep in mind that “synthetic cannabinoids” are actually NOT a natural kind of plant.

The stuff you smoke is actually just some random plant stuff they found in their backyards the drug itself (the “spice”) is actually a man made chemical sprayed ONTO the plant material that you smoke. Lately there have been case reports of the RAT POISON called “Brodifacoum”…wanna know how we kill rats?? We feed them Brodifacoum chemical sprayed onto yummy things like cheese etc…the chemical is a blood thinner and the rats literally bleed to death internally… like that thought?? And here’s the thing, no one has a clue that their drug is laced with this poison. Bunch of people have already died from this stuff.

DON’T make the mistake of ever trying anything that’s related to spice or what anyone calls a synthetic cannabinoid. Keep in mind that the only way of solving our problems is to delve deeply into the prob and really tackle the hard issues. Our promise to you is to do exatly this. Not just to numb yourself out to the point where you dont care!

“Spray painting over a rust spot wont make the rust go away !!!”