Suboxone Implants??

Hey guys, so there is a lot of hype out there about these implants that will solve all of your problems right? Like with any new product there are always pros and cons. Most of us just want cheaper, simpler, easier, and more convenient but definitely the cheaper is more better right?

So along come to products that offer longer-term solutions. They are not fixed all solutions and they definitely have issues.

Probuphine Is the under the arm implant that is supposed to last for six months. Problem is you cannot be taking more than 8 mg of Suboxone otherwise it will not work and some people still need Suboxone strips on top of it to control cravings. The only studies that were done that showed benefit were of upper-middle-class pill popping folks but no evidence or studies to support that it will work for heroin addiction.

In addition the FDA only approves it for up to one year at this time and after that I am not sure what you do. I guess you go back onto the strips. The last slightly small snag is that each shot costs $5000 !!! So getting insurance approval might be an issue and if you have a high deductible you can kiss that goodbye

The other option is probably more viable. That one is called Sublocade and is a once a month injection under the skin that I can do in the office very easily and gets rid of the whole nightmare of having to take medication every single day. That medication on its own costs $1500 so also very pricey and takes a long time to get approved for the insurance but probably a much better option than the other one above. I am currently trying to figure out the procedure for this medication so we can do this in the office. Again will probably just take some time to figure it out.

Stay alive
Andreas J. Edrich MD FASAM ADM MRO “the addiction doc”